I headed over to Fleming’s in Birmingham, MI for another delicious meal prepared by Chef Devon! This months chef table had so many different flavors, it felt like I was trying out dishes from all over the world!

The cocktails are always delicious! We started off with stuffed Hungarian peppers, the signature Fleming’s salad and dill pickle soup! The peppers were spiced very nicely and had so much flavor.

For the main courses we tried the filet tacos, shawarma spiced scallops, the lamb over polenta cakes and the short rib poutine. It felt like I was tasting dishes from all over the world! With so many different spices and flavors, it was such a treat.

And to end the night off, dessert of course! I will always have room for dessert!

We had the chocolate lava cake with fresh made ice cream.

I love my dinners at Fleming’s because I know everything will be absolutely delicious! Thank you, Chef Devon, for her another fabulous Chef’s Table menu!

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