I’ve worked with Toyota in the past and I was stoked when they asked if I was interested in trying out the brand new LexusRX!

We had dinner at the London Chop House in Detroit where we learned all about the new luxury SUV! I learned all about the new features and high tech technology this car had. Toyota really upped their game with this one!

I also got to try this car out for a couple of days! It was AMAZING! The drive was so smooth and it had so many features that I discovered something new each day!

Check out all of the features H E R E

I drove the car around for a week and only had to fill up once! Also the interior? SO CUTE.

The technology in this car is unreal. I felt like I had my own personal assistant in the car. It was so high tech and I loved it! I’m definitely thinking about getting a car like this in the future!

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