If you know me, you know I LOVE trying new things. And one of those things is skiing. I have never skied in my life! Living in Michigan, you’d think it’s easy to go out skiing wherever snow falls. But, I just never got the chance! When I was asked to check out Mt. Brighton I was stoked!

I brought my friend Steffie along, and boy, did we have an adventure 😂

Located in Brighton, Mt. Brighton is filled with ski slopes, lifts and yummy food!

It was amazing to see so many little kids zooming past us while we could BARELY move in our skis. 😂 Mt. Brighton DOES offer training and there are so many amazing workers there to help you out if you wanted to learn how to ski. My only goal while being here was to get up the bunny hill without sliding back. After a struggle, I made it up, only to fall back down 😂

But I am glad I made it up!

Afterwards, we ate at the Ore Creek Mountain Grill. Located right in the ski resort, we ate some delicious sandwiches and warmed up with hot chocolate.

All in all, I think we would try out skiing again! I’m proud we made it up the bunny hill🐰 The resort was fun and friendly and we can’t wait to check them out (and try skiing) again!

Here’s a little video for a recap of our time at Mt. Brighton! 💕

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