I made it back again to Fleming’s to try out the new chefs menu for October by Chef Devon! And this menu was filled with Fall inspired tastes!


To start off with appetizers we had the steak tips and the Fall salad. The steak tips were cooked to perfection and on top of gruyère bread pudding croutons and topped with a bourbon glaze.

The Fall salad had butternut squash, dried cranberries and was coated in a balsamic glaze. Definitely Fall inspired!


For our main courses, we had braised short ribs that were paired with heirloom carrots and butternut squash. We also had Parmesan lamb chops, cooked to perfection! And lastly, we had the swordfish paired with truffle-lobster risotto.

Each dish was cooked perfectly. The flavors were so different and completed each other! Chef Devon really nailed it with the Fall inspired tastes.


Fall is my favorite season, so I’m always craving apple cider! It was like Chef Devon read my mind because for dessert we had a apple pear crisp! It was paired with homemade ice cream. It was delicious! My boyfriend even said that it was “the best dessert he’s ever eaten” 😂

Overall, another fantastic meal at Fleming’s in Birmingham! I can’t wait to see what else Chef Devon adds to the menu next!

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