I was able to team up with Toyota again this year for their Toyota tailgate! I was even given a brand new 2019 Toyota Avalon to drive around for some mini road trips!

First of all, the tailgate was so much fun! I took my dad to his first Michigan game! He’s a huge Michigan fan, so he had a blast! Also, Michigan won the game! Which made us very happy 😂 We took the Avalon all the way to Ann Arbor, and the ride there was so smooth and easy. I’ve been driving the car for a week and I’ve still got a quarter tank of gas left. I’ve noticed how well the car does on gas!

Check out all of the cool features HERE!

I usually drive SUV’s but this Avalon is definitely making me change my mind! Also, the interior on this? Totally my style!

A big thank you to Toyota for letting me enjoy this sweet ride and a winning Michigan game! GO BLUE! 〽️

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