I’m not much of a golfer, I will admit that. The first time I tried hitting a golf ball, my club flew out of my hands and almost hit some guy in the head. Even if my skills are pretty awful, I know a lot of the men in my life LOVE it! My boyfriend and my dad are huge golf buffs, so when I was invited to the Fox Hills Golf course, I definitely had to check it out on their behalf!

I was invited to the Mix, Mingle & Master event at the Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center.

Fox Hill’s is an upscale golf and event destination located in Plymouth, Michigan. They have 63 holes of golf, 3 courses and beautiful scenery! They are also known for their Sunday brunches, which I will be back to try!

Right off the bat, I could tell you this was a beautiful golf course. My boyfriend loved the views as well. Even if Michigan was coming out of the winter season, the fields were still green and scenic.

The event was so much fun! Tons of food, raffles and golfing. My boyfriend enjoyed the golf simulators, even I tried it out. (I wasn’t great haha)

We met a lot of people, ate a lot of food, and learned all about the history of the golf course. We will be back again for Sunday brunch and play some rounds of golf!

Check out some photos below of the event!

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