One of my favorite spots right in the middle of Detroit is Parc. A dinner and cocktail bar located in the middle of Campus Martius. I decided to go here for my birthday because the views from inside are beautiful! Downtown Detroit is decorated for Christmas and you get to see everything while sitting in the restaurant!

From the dinner bread, to the drinks and to the entrees, everything is so delicious. I found out that Parc changes their menu with the seasons. We started off with some light salads and dinner bread. The salad I ordered was the market arugula salad. So yummy and refreshing. For my entree, I ordered the roasted eggplant rigatoni. I added chicken to it and the entire dish was SO good. And we had to end with dessert. One of my favorite desserts is affogato. So we obviously ordered that!

Service was great, views were beautiful and the food was delicious! It was a 25th birthday well spent!

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