Igloos are pretty cool when they’re heated and drinks are involved!

If you’re in downtown Detroit and feel like grabbing drinks and snacking, Lumen is a great choice!

Located on Grand River Ave in Detroit, Lumen had these cute outdoor igloos that we saw while passing by and my friends and I wanted to check them out.

It was so cozy and nice on the inside of the main restaurant. They were decorated with Christmas lights and looked so cute. We went outside to our igloo and I was surprised to see it was heated and had a bunch of blankets for warmth. We didn’t want to eat too much so we just ordered appetizers and drinks, which were so good!

We ordered a hummus plate that had tabouli and veggies, Mac n cheese and everything bagel flavored chicken wings. We thought the wings were so different but they actually turned out really tasty!

And the cocktail drinks were refreshing and cool. The service here was quick and everyone was very kind! Will make sure to come back!

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