🚗🚘 What was the only thing I enjoyed more than cruising around Detroit in the 2021 @ToyotaUSA Prius Special Edition?! Celebrating March being International Women’s Month by taking it to some of the most amazing WOMAN-OWNED businesses in town! (Tag some of your favorite businesses! 🥳) ✨ Shout-out to @DetroitCookieCompany @drought @Lulas.Cafe ♥️

The driving experience in the Special Edition Prius is nothing short of spectacular 🤩 My fav features include:

✨ The sleek, blacked-out interior and exterior.
✨ The 50+ mpg I got driving this hybrid around. I barely used any gas on my adventures!
✨ Easy-to-use wireless charging for my phone. I just set my phone down and the Prius did the rest 😋
✨ A beautiful and intuitive touchscreen display
✨ Peace of mind with amazing safety features including Lane Departure Alert and Bicyclist Detection, among many other safety tools! 🥳
Always love working with Toyota and getting to test out their cars! 🥰✨ #ToyotaPartner #Toyota #ToyotaHerstory #Prius

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