Ah, This is Pure Michigan! As much as I love traveling, I never really explored the state I live in as much as I should! My friends and I had a little weekend getaway to Traverse city, and if you haven’t done the wine tours up there, you NEED to!

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.10.30 PMTraverse City is a town in Michigan with a population of only 15,392. Traverse City is in Grand Traverse County and is one of the best places to live in Michigan!

My friends I ended up renting an Airbnb, which is a great option when you’ve got a bigger group of people. We ended up finding a wine tour that was available at the last minute and spent all Saturday going to different wineries. With all of the wine tasting you do, I promise you, you will get tipsy! So make sure you eat and bring snacks along the way because you’re going to need it.

The prices are great and reasonable, the restaurants are yummy and the wine vineyards are breathtaking!

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.10.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.11.10 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.10.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.39.35 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.10.50 PM

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